Behringer XENYX 302USB PA en studio mixer

If you regularly use headphones in your pc, you know you can't keep them connected or your speakers won't work. While I was looking for a simple solution to switch between speakers and headphones, I encountered these. At 50€, this is an overkill but cheap solution. It surprises in a good way.

The audio quality of the usb sound 'card' is noticeably better than the adequate onboard sound and I'm not exactly an audiophile. It also comes with a proper microphone and audio input.

Speakers are connected using rca connectors (audio tulip) so if you use pc/multimedia style speakers with 3.5mm jacks (headphone connectors), you need an adapter cable. This should be readily available where you find these anyway. Headphone jack is 3.5mm so keep this in mind as well.

Power over USB prevents possible ground loops over the (supplied) adapter and shuts down when pc is off. As an extra benefit, cabling is cleaner too.

Reviews are mixed and there seem to be some fans/haters for the brand but I am more than happy with this.

Ronny Martin

That's my real name. There are several on google but this one is Belgian. This is of course used on official things and in public.

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Why this site

When the rules for .be domains relaxed several years ago, like all tech people (and especially since I was part of the Belgian internet boom)I immediately wanted to go for it. The plan was to create something discworld related with art and stories. While no official communications are certainly no lawyers ever contacted me, I did find out that Terry Pratchett doesn't really like fan fiction (understatement). While I never found any records of him actually stopping people, he just did not like reading any, I do respect his wishes and it is his world. I have always liked spending time on that world and want to thank him and his family for those wonderful places.

So in short, there is practically nothing and will never be anything much discworld related on these pages. It is pretty much just my own ramblings. I do have my own world to play in now and if I do succeed in making that presentable, it will get its place.

I was diagnosed quite late with ASD / ASS a year ago and the quest to deal with these things might be documented here in the future (with an average of 4 years between updates, don't hold your breath). The only new bit is I have my first appointment for euthanasiaauti specific therapy tomorrow but most likely it will be denied (but psychos need to live too so they won't say over email) because even for 'psychological reasons' they do need a physical cause (and I doubt being born is enough).


This site is mainly a place were I regularly try out HTML/ccs stuff. Lately most happens off site so you should not experience bits falling off while refreshing. Mostly this works as my home on the web in the 90s pre-facebook style. Since I do not have a lot to say, content may vary. Usually updates happen when severely depressed and content might be a bit worrying at times but it is just me organizing my mind.

Quite a few of you wanderers end up looking for information on Marcel Marlier which was weirdly enough (considering the domain) the most popular page in the books section. I suggest you continue to the Centre Marcel Marlier. There will be some information on him in the inspiration section later. Bookmark stuff at your own risk, I do still get hits on bits that haven't been here since 2003.

The about 5 real people every year still hitting this domain in search for solaris scripts, I have left years ago. The collection of weird foreign equipment running all versions of unix I could get my hands on is all gone. Most went to the dumpster because nobody even wanted them for free. Unix is as dead as can be. As for linux, that community thing got me hooked but can't even check on everything or everybody without breaking down in tears. Not dead, but I wouldn't mind if it did die. Or at least 90% of the users. Not really something I want to be part off for the time being.

In general, I'm considered a nice person with a weird sense of humour but a 'slight' depressing dark pessimistic view on the world or the future. You might notice that while wandering around this site. Don't worry too much, as long as you are not a psychologist, politician or linux fundamentalist, I don't care if you live or die.

All of this is pretty much static html and some css. I try to keep it as clean as possible but there is some weird CSS going on in places. For some features, you will need a recent browser. I do not do any real web development any more and do not test in everything available. It is not designed for any specific browser, but I use mainly firefox so that should work.